The Story of Butters the Horse


Once upon a time, there was a silly horse named Butters who was always startled by silly sounds. Butters knew he needed to find a solution for all the silly sounds that distracted him and kept him from his happy, silly little thoughts.

While he knew there were some options in Ear Plugs, he just wasn’t satisfied with the lack of style, color and originality that was available. After consulting his keepers, together they came up with Silly Sounds. Now, he and all his equine friends could have whatever color suited their personality; sheepskin or cotton for his organic friends too.

Not only is Butters happy, but so are his friends and keepers. Butters stays calm during loud noises and unnecessary confusion, and now his keepers can tend to him with ease. With his new style and added confidence, Butters is so much happier.

Silly Sounds was developed with horse’s like, Butters, in mind. Therefore, it was developed with your horse in mind as well. Quality horse ear plugs are essential for happy horses and happy keepers.

Just like people, horses are individuals. Some horses don’t startle easily and can handle loud, distracting noises. However, some do. These are the horses that Silly Sounds horse ear plugs are made for.

Butters now joyfully trots around undisturbed, uninterrupted, and free from the fear loud noises used to give him. His friends join in as well.


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